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  • Pharaoh Pip!

    A Letter to Yahweh

    By January 21, 2014

    “A Letter to Yahweh” Here I am pulling on YOUR air like it’s promised and all...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    Scorn or Be Scorned

    By January 20, 2014

    “Scorn or Be Scorned” Ok, if that’s it, then that’s it, if you’re done then I’m...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    Scorned Alive

    By January 19, 2014

    “Scorned Alive” How long has it’s been, by the time I’d cook my Uncle Ben’s rice,...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    Just LIVE!

    By January 16, 2014

    “Just LIVE!” Advance! Take a chance, the present of a Present Life is not something to...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    To Whom it may Concern

    By January 15, 2014

    “To Whom it may Concern” To Whom it may concern, that enigmatic situation that you’re in,...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    Beauty for Sexy

    By January 3, 2014

    “Beauty for Sexy” When did my Queens trade their beauty for sexy, my kings did we...

  • Pharaoh Pip!


    By January 1, 2014

    “You…”   See what I did there I did it for you my most embarrassing moment...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    Perfect Time

    By December 31, 2013

    “Perfect Time…” Time take its Time… speed it up… slow it down… pause it… warp it…...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    Sweet Lullabies

    By December 28, 2013

    “Sweet Lullabies…” Baby don’t be scared, fear is just, false evidence appearing real, so don’t you...

  • Pharaoh Pip!


    By December 27, 2013

    “Liberty…” If you don’t throw any sticks I won’t throw no stones then either one of...

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