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  • Pharaoh Pip!

    Weird Thoughts Over Tea

    By December 14, 2013

    “Weird Thoughts Over Tea” If Life was not, what would be? if there weren’t any light...

  • Pharaoh Pip!


    By December 13, 2013

    “Amen” With paper and pencil in hand, I’m lethal injecting the brain, it’s getting harder to...

  • Pharaoh Pip!


    By December 12, 2013

    “Stay” It’s funny how time will cut you deep, then turn around and heal you completely...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    Hood Rapture

    By December 10, 2013

    “Hood Rapture” Black politicians and church leaders are lying about lying, mistreating, misleading God’s people because...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    Misery Hates Loneliness

    By December 8, 2013

    “Misery Hates Loneliness” They say misery loves company, so I popped some corn and sadly invited¬†her...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    What would it take…

    By December 7, 2013

    “What would it take” My sistah, what would it take for me to take it from...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    LIFE as We know It

    By December 4, 2013

    “LIFE as We know It.” Admitting that you’re lost increases the chance of being found, like...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    Wait, Watch and See

    By December 1, 2013

    “Wait, Watch and See” Do the moon and the stars wait till night fall to call...

  • Pharaoh Pip!


    By November 29, 2013

    “Intellect” I want a mind strong enough to not only bend the spoon but everything else...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    What If…

    By November 27, 2013

    “What If…” What if a fist was a hug, would it hurt at all when we’re...

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