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  • Pharaoh Pip!


    By December 26, 2013

    “Distance…”   Pull out a yard stick, lay it down on my heart while it ticks...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    Merry Jesusmas!

    By December 25, 2013

    “Merry Jesusmas…!”   In the beginning was LOVE, and LOVE was so compelled by LOVE that...

  • Marvel

    Merry Christmas

    By December 25, 2013

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!     It’s our favorite time of the year rather we’re naughty or nice…...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    Shell of A Man

    By December 23, 2013

    Shell of A Man Oh Ye shell of a man, what shall I do to maintain...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    Me, Myself and “I”

    By December 22, 2013

    “Me, Myself and “I”…” Whether the roads are rough or smoothly paved, are you riding or...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    You and I…

    By December 20, 2013

    “You and I…” Could it be that You and I are the same thing, 2 souls...

  • Pharaoh Pip

    Pity Pity…

    By December 19, 2013

    “Pity Pity…” I see you, but did you notice me, I swiftly approach thee and I...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    Trapped in a Maze

    By December 18, 2013

    “Trapped in a Maze” I’m trapped in a maze, wishing that it’s just a faze, maaaan…...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    I’m Faithful

    By December 17, 2013

    “I’m Faithful”     Your eyes tell me lies, so quick fast I look away, although...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    The Perfect Storm

    By December 16, 2013

    “The Perfect Storm”     They say too much silence can break any man’s spirit, lead...

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