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  • Pharaoh Pip!

    PipQuotables! 30th Entry

    By April 7, 2020

    “PipQuotables” “There’s a few people that I’d give my right hand for, just to see them...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    PipQuotables! 29th Entry

    By March 13, 2020

    “PipQuotables” “Having strong enemies is a blessing.” -Nipsey Hustle. Quoted By: Nipsey Hustle “The Quotation Above”...

  • Pharaoh Pip!

    PipQuotables! 27th Entry

    By March 28, 2019

    “PipQuotables” “I’m aware that I have a perception. Your brain is imaginative–it wonders and chunks, it’s...

  • Cashmere Thoughts

    Cashmere Thoughts Part. 6

    By February 24, 2019

    Some of us search everywhere in the world for love accept in our on hearts… We...

  • Pharaoh Pip

    In In Out

    By January 29, 2019

    In In Out   In is the opposite of out, but is it really; what isn’t?,...

  • Pharaoh Pip

    The Clue’s Blue

    By July 29, 2018

    The Clue’s Blue I’m stuck in a bloody World looking for blue’s clues, that amused who?,...

  • Pharaoh Pip

    Rhymes & Reasons

    By November 7, 2017

    Rhymes & Reasons Some will forever look at Love like an adversary, like getting commissary from...

  • Marvel

    I’m Timeless…

    By December 9, 2016

    I’m Timeless… I’m Timeless, in my soul it’s engraved… from the womb to the tomb through...

  • Fatherhood

    Fatherhood Part. 8

    By May 23, 2016

    Our 21st Century Society in America have made being a Father a competition; as if you’ll get...

  • Marvel

    Reaching For a Star

    By September 24, 2014

    Reaching for a Star…   If I had a choice.. I would make you all mine...

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