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Rose Red

Rose Red writes poetry, creative pieces and books! She is a film writer and author of "No turn on Red" which is expected to be released in the winter.She's best known for her ongoing series "SMH" featured on Witish. She's a sucker for good romance and get's giddy whenever there's kissing. When she isn't reading or writing sexy stories, she's probably bike riding or exercising. You can connect with Rose Red on facebook or If you want to know when Rose Red's book "No turn on Red" has been released please visit and follow for updates and future releases.

Stories By Rose Red

  • Rose Red

    SMH… Part. 5

    By November 7, 2017

    SMH…5 (His Perspective) “I need you” fucked with my head, this woman really doesn’t know the new...

  • Rose Red

    SMH… Part. 4

    By May 23, 2016

    Still SMH… “His Perspective” Part 4……….. My thoughts were unsettled as I ran out of the...

  • Rose Red

    SMH… Part. 2.5

    By February 18, 2014

    Still SMH… “His Perspective” Part 2.5……….. Ding Dong… (Door Bell Sound off) I anticipated the doorbell...

  • Rose Red

    SMH… Part. 2

    By January 28, 2014

    “Still SMH…” Part 2……….. I wish he was rushing, but he’s taking his time I wish...

  • Rose Red

    SMH… Part 1

    By January 18, 2014

    “SMH…” The night was young and I was home alone Nobody on my Facebook, Instagram, twitter...

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