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Rose Red

SMH… Part. 5

SMH…5 (His Perspective)

“I need you” fucked with my head, this woman really doesn’t know the new me.

She’s practically begging me for ecstasy,

I wish she never dialed my number

now I’m thinking should I just use a rubber

and give her what she’s asking for,

my dick has been rock hard since she showed up to my front door

I wouldn’t be a man if I let her slip through my grips,

especially after I’ve suckled on her click

I’ve had a taste of heaven….. and I want some more of that shit….. smh

Fine as she wanna be ….. I bit my bottom lip

Contemplating escaping my reality for just a little bit … smh

Her scent rested on my nose hairs and I reminisced,

and it would be remissed if I did not satisfy her body’s request

She had a rhythm …. that captured me

Anxious to dance to her beat

Make love so good she feels vibrations from her crown…. to her feet.

I want so badly for her to come back and finish what we commenced

Lick, kiss every inch… of her existence

Everything she’s making me feel is wrong but…..

I want to feel her soul again …. Smh

When I was her man I was whole

I want to be whole again …. Smh

I’ve abandoned her once, I can’t …… I won’t do again!

The other part of me screams….. “WHAT ABOUT YOUR HIV?”

Fuck it, if she wants me she’ll understand!

NO ! she doesn’t deserve it …..LET HER GO!


To Be Continued… That was still the 5th encounter… Stay Tuned for Part 6!

A: Poetic Thought By: Rosalind E.

“SMH… Part 5” Is A Poetic Thought Written By: Rosalind Edwards © Copyright Musiqplug 2017, All Rights Reserved.

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Rose Red writes poetry, creative pieces and books! She is a film writer and author of "No turn on Red" which is expected to be released in the winter.She's best known for her ongoing series "SMH" featured on Witish. She's a sucker for good romance and get's giddy whenever there's kissing. When she isn't reading or writing sexy stories, she's probably bike riding or exercising. You can connect with Rose Red on facebook or If you want to know when Rose Red's book "No turn on Red" has been released please visit and follow for updates and future releases.

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