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The Movie: War Room (Reflection) By Coretta Talbot


The Movie: War Room (Reflection) By Coretta Talbot

OMG, the movie War Room was one of the most incredible and heart touching movies I’ve ever seen in my life. This movie truly highlighted the POWER OF PRAYER. So many times we fight the devil with the wrong war weapons, which is why we remain defeated.

The devil is nowhere near threaten by our human nature or human abilities, that doesn’t phase him one bit. However, as the movie did such an amazing job at demonstrating, we MUST fight the devil from a spiritual stance. We must hit him where it hurts; we must fight him in prayer and in God’s word. There were so many great points and thoughts that I walked away with. For example, when it was mentioned that wWar Roome only win when we stop fighting against God and allowing Him to fight for us. I’m sure like the great number of others who also saw this movie, it ministered to the depths of my soul. It encouraged me to enhance my prayer life, it spoke directly to my spirit man.

Something else I want to add to my reflection. As one who strongly believes in Jesus Christ, my heart leaped for joy once more to see a movie with its content and message in the main theaters, in Hollywood. Apparently, this is not the first and I know it won’t be the last movie of its kind in Hollywood. However, the devil never takes a day off. He doesn’t want the Gospel or anything to do with it in Hollywood or anywhere else. You see, he knows there is POWER in the name of Jesus. He knows what happens when we stand for Christ from a heart of love and humility,with boldness and confidence. Souls are won for the KINGDOM OF GOD. We are Christ’s ambassadors and the buck doesn’t stop here. We must continue to run this race and let a dying world know about a living savior (JESUS CHRIST), even when it’s not popular to do so.

Lastly, my time of watching this incredible movie was extra special being that I was able to view it with my best friend and one of my other beautiful sisters. Sisterhood is not something that you can go and pick up off a shelf. Yet, sisterhood is something that  is built with women who choose to celebrate each other, rather than pull each other down. I could go on and on about SISTERHOOD but I will save that for another post.  All in all, God is SUPER DOPE and I thank Him for the movie War Room (the producers, actors, actresses, etc.), as well as the beautiful women He’s blessed my life with.

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