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Kesha Says Part. 13

Kesha Says Part. 13

Dear Others…,

My faith, my resilience, my patience, my tolerance, my love, my drive, my sanity, my endurance, my focus, my direction, my dedication and commitment; have all been under strain over the past few months. There has been a tremendous restlessness within my spirit that I just cannot seem to shake, but as I sit here; something within me says; “despite it all; not once have you entertained the thought of giving up.” I literally felt emotional within that moment of internal affirmation.

NO I haven’t nor would I ever disclose the nitty gritty details of my life on social media; however, I do feel an overwhelming sense of obligation to speak on the reality that as a human being I am perfectly made in the image of my creator; yet still dreadfully flawed.

Too many times we paint for the world; a glued together collage of our so called “perfect life,” BUT when the likes, comments and accolades dwindle and you revert to the TRUTH, you’re now faced with the reality that Elmers Glue is only fit to agglutinate to paper.

I view being flawed and vulnerable with the same respect as my strengths. Your life would be much more of an inspiration to others when you stop pretending and admit to and shine light on the TRUTH.

You’re flawed; and that’s PERFECTLY OK!

Kesha Says… Written By: Yekesha Lambert Frederick © Copyright Witish 2014, All Rights Reserved.

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