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  • The And.

    In the beginning was the inevitable end, there was nothing left to do but extend and pretend to expend, then boom imagination sparked. Imaginations sparks experimentation, experimentions sparks […]

  • Pearls To Oysters

    Your Days are numbered, in Your Book of Life — duh…, ok, ok, got your attention, I wasn’t trying to be morbid, c’mon let’s move the chatter, so, check your top corner, what page are […]

  • A Life of Pi

    The Truth is to be determined, so is the Lie, could that be true, well, it’s not proven to be false, yet, like falling into success, when you were trained diligently not to trip and fail, if […]

  • NEXT

    Reject it or accept it, that’s your primitive prerogative, in all things there are options, choice is imminent, to be objective or subjective, that is the all Time question, if is doesn’t matter then […]

  • “PipQuotables”

    “There’s a few people that I’d give my right hand for, just to see them stay on this earth to fulfill their destiny, and there’s a lot of people that I won’t even extend my left hand to. Wisdom is […]

  • Train  Of Thought

    For one you can’t see what you can’t think, grab a number 2 and draw me a blank, blink thrice then prove me wrong, you’ve been fore given, this just in, you’re now in sync, I wink, […]

  • Might Delete This Later

    In a World full of prisoners of the moment, who have enough trailblazing momentum to remove the shackles of the Day’s trend, raise your hand then head the opposite direction, from […]

  • GodMorning! My Fellow Palm Beachers,

    if you didn’t know by now;


    Palm Beach Outlets will be hiring tons of sales clerks, managers and […]

  • “Beauty for Sexy”

    When did my Queens trade their beauty for sexy, my kings did we warrant and plead for this???, was there a meeting held for this epic lowering of self respect and dignity, for the next […]

  • DeLynch Yourself….

    This speech was written and delivered by Willie Lynch on the bank of the James River in the colony of Virginia in 1712.

    Lynch was a British slave owner in the West Indies. He was invited to […]

  • “Perfect Time…”

    Time take its Time…

    speed it up…

    slow it down…

    pause it…

    warp it…

    stop it…

    just to be on Time…

    Time rewind and fast forward itself through Time in Time…

    Time starts […]

  • “Sweet Lullabies…”

    Baby don’t be scared, fear is just, false evidence appearing real, so don’t you dare, feel like you have to make any appeals to him down stairs, you’re with a King of everywhere, don’t mind […]

  • Shell of A Man

    Oh Ye shell of a man, what shall I do to maintain circulating in thee passed the very second I’m summoned to return back to the 4 corners of my keeping, what shall I say to my Keeper, what kind of […]

  • “Trapped in a Maze”

    I’m trapped in a maze, wishing that it’s just a faze, maaaan… things were just much simpler back in the days, sanity came standard with the babes, there was no such thing as a bad date on Sa […]

  • “Amen”

    With paper and pencil in hand, I’m lethal injecting the brain, it’s getting harder to explain, why I continue to sin in vain, how angels and demons can maintain in plain, next to you, next to me, next to […]

  • “Stay”

    It’s funny how time will cut you deep, then turn around and heal you completely from your head to the soles of your feet, if you’re lucky to have enough time on this side of the shining sun then you will […]

  • “Hood Rapture”

    Black politicians and church leaders are lying about lying, mistreating, misleading God’s people because they no longer fear the Lion in Zion, our kids are dying leaving babies 16 years their […]

  • “Because I Do”

    I miss you because I do, and even though I know that you’re bonded by the band, sometimes I wish that you’d grab a tool bend the rules and just come through, we can lock eyes, hit the kitchen floor […]

  • “Wait, Watch and See”

    Do the moon and the stars wait till night fall to call the sitter, get dressed and hit the galaxy in their illuminating garments, for this cause alone I need to pause and take a moment of […]

  • “Beauty”

    What is beauty without the significance of site, ask the soul, solely because the magnetic pulse of thoughtfulness is blind to the eye of course, spiritual kisses are sought after locking lips, feelings […]

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