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I’m Sleep Tho! Part. 1

I'm Sleep Tho!

I’m Sleep Tho! Part. 1

Perspectively Speaking



One man’s reality is another man’s fantasy, likewise one man’s dream is another man’s nightmare. Stop trying to fit circles into squares with your perspective like it fits all or something…. Last time I checked, if “You” commit a crime “Your” fingerprint and DNA can’t land “Me” in jail and “I” do “Your” time. I’m Sleep Tho! -Pip! ZzzzZzzzz…




I’m Pharaoh Pip, I'm a syndicated blogger for Witish. I’ve been writing pretty much all of my Life, everywhere that I've gone, all that I’ve seen, things that I’ve heard, things that I've experienced, felt and thought of--all goes in to my writing process. I’m constantly writing and jotting down ideas & concepts in my head, a lot of that data is stored for long periods of time before they ever turn into rhythmic words in a sentence. Therefore the process of writing is always therapeutic for me; to get those things off of my chest into existence is like sharing my WiFi connection with you, that’s why my writings are somewhat all over the place subject matter wise. I don’t consider myself the quote end quote this type of writer, that only writes this type of way, I just like to write from the heart. What ever God puts on my Spirit the heaviest, I write about. Selah

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