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New Music: The After Math Cypher Round 2


New Music: The After Math Cypher Round 2

The Aftermath Cypher comes through with their latest freestyle session, this time featuring some of Palm Beach County’s finest MC’s. The episode features freestyles from DreGO, Peezie Parker, ARTBO, SAMGRAVE and Twentyone Reese rapping over Drake’s “Poundcake” and Lil Wayne’s “Steady Mobbin” instrumentals. Check it out below.


The Aftermath Round 1 Video which is just below The Round 2 effort, has been in rotation for several months now, being a kinda sorta backlash off of the Palm Beach Music Awards’ Original Cyphers lined up with other artist in the Palm Beach County area. The original idea of the Aftermath Cypher came from a Facebook status that was put up by our featured Artist Marvel here at Musiqplug, one of many Palm Beach Artists that felt disregarded by the 2013 PBMA. His intention was to make his work as a Vet be recognized by the PBMA’s Committee and his beloved city. So he took it upon himself to see what the response would be from the local Palm Beachers if he did his own Cypher and of course everyone loved the idea. While contemplating the Thought, HOFMG’s own CEO Nardo S Real connected with Marvel and wanted in on the action. Marvel accepted and they soon orchestrated the 1st Aftermath Cypher. With that success they figured more Artists would be merrier, so they reached out to other unrecognized Artists and the rest was history. A plan of a full Aftermath compilation came about and now the second is here and a 3rd Cypher is in the works. With the hard work and dedication of Nardo S Real and company there will probably be a lot more in the making.


Now, as a fan of hip-hop, The Aftermath Cypher was impressive to me on two levels: First, practically all five of the MC’s displayed a desire and dedication to being lyrical that hasn’t been seen in Palm Beach for way too long. Wordplay, cadence, and flow took center stage, regardless of the content delivered. It felt like every performer brought their A game for the cypher.


Shout out to DJ Fabo for hosting this Cypher and props to Black Flag TV for filming such a dope display of Palm Beach’s hidden talent and bringing it to forefront. I can’t wait until the next cypher, and if you are an aspiring artist looking to gain performance experience, exposure, and to get to know the rest of the local hip-hop community who’s really out there grinding to get their voices heard, then this is something that you have to be a part of next time as well.




Checkout the New Aftermath Cypher above and the Old Cypher below.




The After Math Cypher Round 2



Feat.  DreGO, Peezie Parker, Artbo, Sam Grave and TwentyOne Reese



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Written by: Jemael “Breeze” Bazile for follow me on Twitter @breeze_305

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