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Who ever thought that the game of basketball could help one man become a home town hero? I know for this home town hero it was a surprise that he was well prepared for. Many of us just like Lorenzo was raised up in the middle of a low income neighborhood. Most living in a house full of siblings under welfare and section 8 just barely surviving and for all it was a make or break situation. Amazingly these common inner city struggles didn’t nearly break the mindset of one of Riviera Beaches most innovative natives Mr. Lorenzo “Lolly” Hutchinson. In fact these struggles help him become a living legend in our time and we’re blessed to be amongst his God given presence.

Mr. Hutchinson in his prime years of Basketball was labeled one of the best ball handlers in the city. Many of the tricks and ball handling skills we see today, this guy was perfecting 20 years ago amongst his peers. From the high school where he played ball, to the inner city gyms that we know as Wells and Tate recreational center. These gyms and local parks around Riviera Beach is where he developed his game.

Lorenzo soon graduated high school and advanced his skills and mindset to a college level. He attended Eastern Florida State college and Morgan State University where he continued to be a threat on the court yet, he wasn’t just a threat on the court. Mr. Hutchinson was slowly becoming a threat as a future activist in the community through his well known and loved skill of basketball. His b-ball skills landed him in positions in life that only few ballers can claim the rights of but many have dreamed about. From the inner city gyms to high school and college he soon was named a Harlem Globe Trotter and that recognition a lone speaks for itself.

Lorenzo wasn’t done with his journey as he sought to become a great law enforcement officer as a Sheriff in Brevard County where he served and protected the residents for over 19 years. I can imagine the heart felt situations he had to face within those many years. Fighting inner city crime I know that he was well prepared mentally coming from an inner city environment. Growing up in Riviera Beach isn’t and wasn’t the easiest thing to do. With the many bad influences that circulate the atmosphere, by Lorenzo being a survivor of those circumstances only made him a even great officer and protector of the people he served and serves, even till this day.

Being the great person that he is, unselfishly Lorenzo decided to take on the roll as a high school coach where he asserted his know how and skilled mindsets into many up and coming ballers and young men and woman. Being a youth coach of any sort is like taking on the roll of a second hand parent and of hundreds of kids at that. This battle was right up the alley of Lorenzo as he helped pushed kids to sore in his Titusville community where he and his beautiful family resides. It takes a great man to willingly take on the many attitudes and characteristics of youth these days and times. Not to say that it can’t be done as we witness many youth coaches today as they unselfishly give up their personal time and energy in dedication of making a better world.

Mr. Hutchinson has gained many accomplishments along his Heroic journey with a list that’s still growing till this day, Just to name a few…
⦁ 2015 Space coast Daily Central Florida Humanitarian Award
⦁ 2017 Palm Beach County Sickle cell foundation youth leader of the year.
⦁ 2017 Lousy Ross Brevard County Sheriff officer of the year.
⦁ 2017 Awarded key to the city in his Native city of Riviera Beach Fl.
⦁ 2018 Correction deputy of the year

Those are just a whiff of the many great accomplishments he’s made and will make in the future as he thrive for more greatness. Lorenzo is currently coaching girls basketball at Ronald McNair middle. Another challenge that he’s taken on even in the midst of everything on his plate, it seems his stomach is never full when it comes to the hunger to help spread love and positive energy to the youth. What’s even more heroic is that he’s doing this while balancing his family of four young Prince and his Beautiful Queen. Now what’s a greater influence for young men growing up in a society that we live in? I have to applaud him on that a lone. Imagine the affect he will have on these young men and the energy that they are given daily to carry on through out their lives.

In 2010 Mr. Hutchinson took the initiative to give birth to a now to be well received and successful organization called UBBL which is the acronym for Using Basketball to Better Lives. I honestly can’t think of anyone else locally that could have respectfully launch such a great vision. When speaking of hero’s you can’t just talk about what they do but it’s how they do and the perfect timing they do it in. UBBL came in a perfect time in a society of young kids around the inner cities he dwelled that’s definitely in need of the influence. Till this day he continues to have much success with the many free events he puts on through his organization.

UBBL is responsible for year after year free youth camps, school drives, Turkey drives and more. Basket ball is what helped Lorenzo become the great man he is today and I believe and I’m sure he would vouch for this belief that without the game of basketball and his love for the game, he wouldn’t have the success nor vision he has to pursue the greatness he’s exploited for years. Many of us can learn from the likeness of Mr. Hutchinson from simply how he recognized then utilized what helped him become great and transformed that energy into a tool to help countless others.

Lorenzo’s type is rare from b-ball skills to his unselfish character off the court. He was once a great assist man on the court now assisting others to become great themselves and it doesn’t get no greater then that and this is why he’s named a Home Town Hero….Mr. Lorenzo “Lolly” Hutchinson the communities and lives you’ve touched is honored to have had or still have you in their lives and I know your legacy will continue. Keep prospering and inspiring as your journey is well recognized and appreciated. You are a true Home Town Hero

Thanks for tuning in!

A: News Flash By: Marvel

Written by: Marvel Saffold 
Editorial Review by: Randy Pipman
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