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Murder On Pioneer Road!

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Murder On Pioneer Road!

Sheriff- Knock, Knock,
Grandmother- Who is it?
Sheriff- Palm beach county Sheriff’s Office
Grandmother- Why are you guys over here, it’s early in the morning? well,  it is the first of the year and I hear it’s good luck for a man to be the first to enter your house at the beginning of a new year.
Sheriff- Ma’am Can you sit down?
Grandmother- Why? what’s wrong?
Sheriff- Do you know Jeffrie Jones?
Grandmother- Yes, he don’t get in trouble, why are you here?
Sheriff- Ma’am what is he to you?
Grandmother- Grandson
Sheriff- Ma’am I’m sorry to say this, but, Jeffrie has been murdered and found dead on pioneer road with two gunshot wounds to his head. is he mother around or is there anybody we can call to come here with you?
Grandmother- She’s in Miami, she went to church there last Night for new year’s eve service.
Sheriff- Ok Ma’am once his mom gets here, give her this card and we will come back to speak to her.
Grandmother- Closes door and is in a total shock, crying, confused,  worried. Grandmother then calls my brother to break the news to my daughter and I.
This Was the most Devastating news I have ever received in my life. OH lord my son, my boy, my oldest child has been murdered and why? I used to tell my son (jc da bizness) watch the company you keep son, even Jesus had enemies. his response was ma, everybody loves JC , I’m good… don’t worry, who would want to hurt me? I can still hear those words play back in my mind FOUR years later.
life without my son has been very difficult. I birthed two children and to be down to just  one hurts my heart more than anyone could ever imagine. losing a child to a violent  death hurt’s more than giving birth. After birth you forget about the pain, but the sudden death of your child, that pain never GOES away. All I have left are memories that no one can ever take away from me.
Now, let’s talk about the Murderers. I’m not allowed to say their names because the case is still not solved. when I say this I say it from the bottom of my heart. No murderer should be allowed to go home and sleep in their own beds.
These guys were older than my son, but there was one, who JC DA BIZNESS considered  as an older brother. These young men would pick my son up, ate breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner together, when you saw one, you saw the other two. they even  did several videos together, traveled to many different places together and at times slept under the same roof. so the questions that I have for them is “what did my son do to you so bad, that you had to shoot him execution style and leave him in the cold rain on the side of the road like trash “? . and why did you two attend his funeral, knowing you had something to do with it ?! . there are many other questions, but these two are the main ones that bother’s me the most.
Since the death of my son I’ve  started a Foundation in the nickname he gave himself years ago. If you purchase his Cd’s you will understand why he called himself that.
JC DA BIZNESS Foundation of Hope raises money to help uninsured gunshot victims families with minor burial expenses that’s left with unexpected financial burdens. Since 2010 we have had several events concerning gunshot violence and the affects it have on the families.
My next event will be held in Belle Glade, Florida at New Birth Deliverance church on 1650 south main street starting from 2pm – 5pm. During this event there will be 2 guest speakers as well as myself, refreshments and giveaways from the foundation. Please come out and support this movement. you don’t want to miss the testimonies of this  gunshot victim survivor,  as well as gunshot victim’s family members. We’re just getting started, as my son would say ” I just tied my shoe laces, I haven’t started yet “. – Derbin
Please tell and bring a friend to this great upcoming event, show the Queen some love and support. Thanks!
Please contact her for more information on Facebook  @JCDaBizness
Again, the event will be held at.
New Birth Deliverance Church
1650 south main street
Belle Glade, Florida 33430
you can also call (561) 255-6349 for more info
 Saturday June 28 Event starts @ 2:00pm-6:00pm

Thanks for tuning in!

A: Cover Story By: Derbin Liles

Written by: Derbin Liles for
Editorial Review by: Kendall Simone Jones
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