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Small City Big Crimes The Raw

Small City Big Crimes


City of Riviera Beach, Florida


For the past several years Palm Beach County has been the leading host of Florida’s Top Ranked Crimes Ratings. In my city alone, Riviera Beach Florida, a small 8 miles and 37 blocks municipal. Riviera Beach have been in the Nation’s Top Crimes Ridden Cities, not the State Poll, The National Top Crimes Polls for the past 2 to 3 years. Ranking #16 in 2012 and #20 in 2013 for worst places to live in the U.S of A. Few miles South of us, another small municipal; Town of Lake Worth was ranked #40. Now, for these 2 cities to only occupy about 30 to 40,000 residences in its communities I strongly feel that it’s a cry out for help from its large Black, lack of education, poverty stricken Urban Rural populations.


Knowing that most of the crimes committed in this County is brought about by the black youths in our neighborhoods; which can easily be your brother, sister, uncle, auntie, neighbors kids is heartbroken to me. It also frightens me, because now that I have little nieces & nephews, little cousins, and my beautiful daughter that is still a tiny tyke herself, coming up in this chaotic environment, I truly worry about her and their safety. The hood is full of victims that are ready and willing to victimize others to share their pains. Those victims are the fatherless, the uneducated, the unchecked STD & PTSD carriers, the broke and hungry, unsupervised, lack of opportunities having 90’s babies. It makes you wonder what type of society our youth will be facing in the near future.


Back when I was younger coming up in the City of Riviera Beach there were very few youth gun violence crimes in the city, but crime itself has always been a major issue. The up rising of senseless Murders is a direct insult to the hard working Citizens and tax payers that are fighting tooth and nails to raise their kids the right way within the 8 miles of this city. Even more unfortunate are the ones that wants to move out to a more suitable and safe place for their children but can not afford to. On the other end, there are many other vigilant residences that have been in the city for years un-intimidated and just refuse to move, but who can blame them. Their city officials should protect and serve them right where they’re at.


As you can imagine, over time this lack of accountability problem within our black community have become an embarrassment not just for the Inner City residences, but also for the Councils and Officials of the City of Riviera Beach. This lack of accountability is caused by the many broken Black families in these small 37 blocks. Question is, can we reverse this? Can this be fixed? Well with that being said, recently as a network, we at have reached out to Mayor Masters of Riviera beach, in an effort to come up with a solution to how we can help to defuse some of the city’s crimes by reaching out to the youth, it was an interesting meeting and conversation that didn’t go much passed us walking out of that building.


Right now we are at the starting point of our race to fix the broken black families within our community, now, trust… this will be a tough and difficult race, there’s a lot of people that’s banking on our demise as a people, those conglomerates will not just sit back and let us fix us, because broken black families is big business, lack of order in our communities is a Billion Dollar industry! Liquor stores eat, clubs eat, politicians eat, lawyers eat, crooked cops eat, corner stores eat, check cashing stores eat, malls eat, prisons eat, bail bondsmans eat, Jordan eat, hair stores, drug dealers eat, tobacco companies eat, liquor companies eat, the projects eat, pawnshops eat, buy here pay here’s eat, McDonald’s eat, KFC eat, all the by-product producers eat, everybody and their mothers eat at the expense of our ignorance, yes, us messing up is their come up, but with faith, education, awareness, unity, support and the right personnel involved, we can create a better environment for our young loved ones. This will take a joint effort from all of us, young and old, male and female, rich or poor, hopefully at some point or another the City of Riviera Beach and Mayor Masters tags along to push the agenda, but we at are not waiting around to see what they will do first. Therefore we’re opening our arms for any volunteers that’s willing to sacrifice their time and expertise on completing this important but much needed task to repair the broken pillars of our black culture.


If you’re reading this and you feel the exact same way that we feel, please reach out, we’re sure that you’ll have something special to bring to the round table and help support the cause. Please comment right below and let us know what can you bring to our panel or please go to the Contact Us tab at the top and reach us directly. Either way it will be greatly appreciated to hear your ideas. On behalf of my City of Riviera Beach Thank you for your interest in our Black Families Community Development Agenda.


Please share and tell a friend to join the cause!


Also, you can always stop by the City of Riviera Beach and show your enthusiasm for the cause and change that you’re looking for. Write to your congressman and City Officials! Let’s keep them on their toes!



City of Riviera Beach is located at:
600 West Blue Heron Blvd.
Riviera Beach, FL 33404


(561) 845-4000
Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm



Thanks for tuning in!



A: News Flash By: Marvel & King Pip!


Written by: Marvel Saffold & Randy Pipman for


This News Flash was Brought to you By: Frank Electronics


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