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Kesha Says Part. 6


Kesha Says Part. 6

The Last Dance…

Standing in the shadow; eyes glaring into the distant horizon, she stares; predator to prey.

Internally strategizing and choreographing the intricate ballerina-esque….yet deadly dance mandated by the survival game.

Dilemma is; she hides and stares; paralyzed with raw fear…..for the natural born hunting instinct within this Lioness, to pursue and devour her prey; has been compromised.

Distracted by the unbridled aura of the King of the jungle…..whose beauty is as the resurrection of a morning sunrise…..reassuring as an evening star, guiding wise men to their savior.

Letting her guard down, she deviates from formation, stepping out from behind the shadow……..the prey is no longer the objective of her hunt.

Substituting killer instinct with mating antics, she approaches her King…..ready for unmatched submission, only to be met with a violent tackle and a thunderous roar…..not the reception she envisioned….as she admired his majesty from behind the shadow of her prey.

Battered body; bruised ego she
rise from the dust, in time; to come to grip with reality. The objective of his stare was not to mate, but to distract her from the prey in paws reach for her but a mirage from the distance where he stood.

Emotional damaged goods; she’s become. For the next, there’ll be no pity. No mating antics, no strategizing……just straight for the kill. She’s learned…although the hard way that the satisfaction of mating, lasts but for a moment…..but that natural born killer instinct will not only feed her but may protect her from a bruised ego and a broken heart. So she journeys on; desiring but for one dance……predator to prey…

Kesha Says… Written By: Yekesha Lambert Frederick © Copyright Witish 2013, All Rights Reserved.

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