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Gradually fading, I’m losing myself,

Trapped in a kaleidoscope, where

reflections of reality significantly contrasts the intricately collaged fantasies in my head.

Life is sweet, but daydreaming, feels better.

Ignoring the signs, that each time I close my eyes, I return one DNA less,

Yet still I give in, to the allure; and slowly drift into REM.


In this lightest state of sleep; lies my inception and demise.

Tough exterior shed, I relinquish power.

Contorting into intricately crafted molds,

Submissive I’ve become to the reign.

The deeper I drift, the darker it gets, sadistically intrigued I’ve become.

No sign of my thoughts or my feelings left. Just a shell..


This time the adventure was different,

I could hear me, whisper in my ear, and I heeded.

Wake Up Girl! It’s OK…that you love enough to sacrifice “I” for “us”, chiseling away at the surface, in

preparation of a rebirth.

Cutting off strings….

But…..where’s your sacrifice thus?

I don’t see no chips falling from that wood carving.

No compromising, just mind games,

Where’s “his” sacrifice for “we”?


Yes! Fantasies out glamours reality,

But beneath every fantasy is a reality.

Reality is, if it were meant to be,

I wouldn’t have to sleep to experience it in my dreams…

“Fading…” Was written By: Yekesha Lambert Frederick © Copyright Witish 2014, All Rights Reserved.

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