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Kesha Says Part. 12

Kesha Says Part. 12

Dear Love…,

Love is a complicated thing.

It is tiered; like earth’s layers. To get to the inner core one must be able to decipher its perplexing puzzle. How willing are you to dig deeper to touch the inner core? Is the crust or mantle all you aspire to penetrate? Or are you willing to withstand a pressure so great with capabilities to solidify iron?

Would your focus be on the pressure itself or the end result…….sharp as an iron which sharpens another? Hmmmm! Now…..riddle me this. Have you ever really been in love or have you been in lust with the false notion of it? Stop looking to those TV screens; they’re a requiem of a dream.

Does your rule book say “I will until,” or “I will in spite of?” Have you really been in love? Don’t answer that. I’ll step away and leave you to your thoughts.

Kesha Says… Written By: Yekesha Lambert Frederick © Copyright Witish 2015, All Rights Reserved.

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