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Kesha Says Part. 10


Kesha Says Part. 10

Dear Authority…,

Respect authority, I do

Fear authority, I absolutely refuse.

There’s a reason why I’m not intimidated; have qualms engaging, debating and or challenging (that false sense of security)….I meant authority. It’s because:

I know who I am,

I know from whence I came

I know to whom I belong

I know who orders my steps

See, I render to Caesar that which is his;

But these knees will only buckle, head will only bow, unequivocal reverence only given to the King of ALL Kings!

Jehovah Jireh my provider!

Jehovah Rapha my healer!

Jehovah Nissi my banner!

Jehovah Rohi my shepherd!

So! Unless, you

A. Knew my name before I was in my mother’s womb,

B. Can control the hour of my soul’s flight;

C. Can add one cubit of hair to my crown;

I suggest you get thee behind me lucifer;

I don’t have time for you nor your lies……

Kesha Says… Written By: Yekesha Lambert Frederick © Copyright Witish 2014, All Rights Reserved.

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