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Anywhere But Here


Anywhere But Here

“Anywhere But Here…”

Like a feather I glide, aimlessly towards a destination unknown, once again seduced by the tantalizing allure of the wind,

To fate I surrender,

Free as a bird I beseech these wings to take flight, to “A” destination.

Anywhere but behind these eyes constantly submerged in tears,

Anywhere but amongst the lack luster rhythmical beat of this lonely heart,

Anywhere but this dilapidated lodge, with it’s half lit flashing vacant sign, and it’s disclaimer that love has never earnestly resided, between it’s wall, not without pretense, or disguised with its moniker “revenge.”

Anywhere but here, where desperation breeds brainwashing; Formulation of fantasies becomes much more desirable than reality.

Reality is, it’s only in her fantasies that he loves her, desires her and needs her like she wished.

Oh wind! Take me away, Take me away, anywhere but here.

“Anywhere But Here…” Was written By: Yekesha Lambert Frederick © Copyright Witish 2014, All Rights Reserved.

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