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Kesha Says Part. 4


Kesha Says Part. 4

Dear Perception…,

I’m told…..Love; like Faith; is dead without its generator; WORKS. If that’s the case, my question is; what powers the generator? You see…’s where that pesky word, PERCEPTION comes in…..Like on judgment day; when you attempt to hide behind a rock and it exposes your whereabouts to the KING…..I can’t seem to conceal my latitude and longitude, from perception’s clout…

Has your interest been peaked yet, LOVE?…..Here I am baring my soul, in hopes of exiting this dead zone, but like a barbell chained to my ankle; this subjective rhetoric that is perception keeps this thing; whatever this…..THING is; from taking successful flight.

Are you willing to take a leap of Faith and delve deep, into Love abyss with me… explore the perception of OUR perceptions of the works that; this THING, needs… finally evolve into blissful days and sensual nights…..No more fights, or disagreeing just for argument sake although our positions are the same, just differently relayed….. Let’s just run away to our own quirky place; where all we see; are fishes sailing in the sky and birds cruising below sea. But before we get there, let’s address once and for all, the whale circling the boat; on these rough seas.

What’s your perception of WORKS….LOVE? Does attempting to emulate you; like a daughter to a father; even when he’s not present, count? Or giving up the tendency to take flight when control is out of grasp…..Are you proud of me daddy, Oops, sorry! I meant man of my dreams. Are you still looking at me? What about this one…..Making an absolute ass of myself; just to get a chuckle from you…..followed by my favorite line; “Oh Kesha,” accompanied by what I supposed is a shrug of the head. But instead; all I get is, that condescending idiom…..Right! Deserving I presume.

It would require an army of folks I know, each holding up a sign displaying just their privileged line….of the trilogy that is my life, before you grasp the depth of the unfiltered draft; sitting on your desk. Instead; I’m swimming the final lap; riding for the first time with the trainers off; waiting to hear those hands clap, my one man cheer team, acknowledging with open arms my baby steps which turns into my first fall…..bruised and all; but instead, I’m greeted with folded arms and a jab to the ego…..That’s all you’ve got, little girl…..No 4th of July celebrations? No sky diving off the Eiffel Tower? No skinny dipping in the Arctic Ocean?…..Child please! To play in these leagues; you better publicly profess that love for me like you would for the Savior as the Pastor makes that alter call plea. Wait a second…..I thought you said come as I am and so I came……My apologies woman…..I forgot to mention that the subjectivity of PERCEPTION, ummmm! It’s totally at my discretion…

Kesha Says… Written By: Yekesha Lambert Frederick© Copyright Witish 2013, All Rights Reserved.

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