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I ain’t Strange I’m Unexpected


I ain’t Strange I’m Unexpected

“I ain’t Strange I’m Unexpected…”



I’m an apple growing on an orange tree

I’m a diamond in a bush.

I’m titties on a fish

I’m a fetus yelling push…!

I’m a Spanish kiss,

I’m that scratch on the bottle that gave you a 4th wish…

I’m a 911 dispatcher calling for help

I’m a terrorist being terrorized

I’m a buckle tightening up with no belt…

I’m a twin with a different father

I’m Obama with a EBT card

I’m Bill Gates in a Charger

I’m Einstein in tutoring class

I’m a cow that hates grass

I’m a dumpster that rejects trash

I’m a turtle with a speeding ticket for moving too fast…

I’m a late bird with all the worms

I’m a fire that doesn’t burn

I’m a student teaching a lesson

I’m an angel needing a blessing


Y’all may think I’m weird but…..

I’m ain’t strange I’m unexpected…



A: Poetic Thought By: Marvel



“I ain’t Strange I’m Unexpected…” Is A Poetic Thought by: Marvel Saffold © Copyright Marlevous Thoughts 2013, All Rights Reserved.


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I'm Marvel Saffold, I'm a Witblogger out of Riviera Beach, FL. I'm also a Rapper, many years ago I wasn't aware of the power of literature. Specially my literature, until I started exploiting writing in different format--from music to poetry. Having made that transition--I even surprised myself many of times. The real kicker is I tasted the power prior--in the 9th Grade. I will forever love Ms. Saunders, my English Teacher at William T. Dwyer; because it was then, in her Class that I started mastering writing literature. Years later I'm finally realizing how much of an influence Her Class had in my writing process even in music. I found myself using all that I've learned from Ms. Saunders. I love writing no matter what it is.

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