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Unlock The Mind to Visions Unseen. Part 1


Unlock The Mind to Visions Unseen. Part 1

“Unlock The Mind to Visions Unseen.”

The strength of the mind to invite a visual of the Past and Future. For example: Rewind things to a time without electronics. If a man back then would’ve told you; “one day I will create a device that will allow you to see another person across seas in real time”. You back then would say that’s crazy talk. But yet, in our day-in-age it’s the norm. It’s not even viewed as such a great invention anymore. Who in their right mind came up with that idea. Exactly, a man not in his right mind. A man that has a connection to another World–that is real, so real–that he can recreate it for all of our eyes to see it here on this Earth. (telekinesis).

There are so many that are blessed with this gift of unlocking that part of their mind that lives right among us. The strength of your mind has no limitations. Much so that traveling to Worlds light years away without a space shuttle is already possible (teleporting). Your body is a vessel your mind is the capsule where the (energy/soul) lives. Think about it; we’re already in a couple phases of time travel right now.

Not only in the mind, but with the body. I can be in Florida toasting it up with my Kings and Queens for my 31st birthday @ 9:00 p.m. and hop on a jet and celebrate my birthday again in California or Hawaii @ 9:00 p.m.; so ask me where was I–at 9:00 p.m. on my 31st birthday? It’s funny that you ask; I was in Florida, California and or Hawaii.. How far fetch is my statement.. Unlock your mind.

To be continued………

Unlock The Mind to Visions Unseen…. was Written By: Kwame Morgan © Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved.

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