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Triple A Series Part. 4


Triple A Series Part. 4

As an artist… You have to have that spiritual connection to your craft in order to get a full feel for it… If you notice with every Sport’s Player… Boxer… or Painter, they always have a keen focus, and having that focus put them in a realm that helps them out weigh their opponent, which is mostly self… If you are in tune with your vision you will understand that it is really a spirit that you carry. Vision isn’t a physical thing, it’s all belief, premonitions or flashes of the future and what’s in your heart mind and soul. When your vision is being carried out, spiritually you are connected to the inner qualities of your craft, which will manifest into the best outcomes once you put in the equally important physical work behind it…



As An Artist… Triple A Series


Triple A Series was Brought to you By: PBVI Institute



I'm Marvel Saffold, I'm a Witblogger out of Riviera Beach, FL. I'm also a Rapper, many years ago I wasn't aware of the power of literature. Specially my literature, until I started exploiting writing in different format--from music to poetry. Having made that transition--I even surprised myself many of times. The real kicker is I tasted the power prior--in the 9th Grade. I will forever love Ms. Saunders, my English Teacher at William T. Dwyer; because it was then, in her Class that I started mastering writing literature. Years later I'm finally realizing how much of an influence Her Class had in my writing process even in music. I found myself using all that I've learned from Ms. Saunders. I love writing no matter what it is.

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