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First stage, question…..

Ever held onto a rail for support, only to feel the puncturing
pressure of fangs piercing through your hands?

As you resolute to the fate at hand, pontificate; then question, why
didn’t I take heed to its buoyancy and synthetic qualities, which would
have been a dead giveaway, to the serpent disguised as a pillar, that
would send my heart to its final resting place.

Next stage, denial……..

Venomous toxins now canoeing up the streams of my veins

Systematically paralyzing the intricate nervous system, somehow I
manage to still feel. My heart continues to beat, although at a slower
pace. This can’t be happening to me! First time I let my guard down,
turns out to be my last.

Next stage, acceptance…….

Anger creeps into every nook and cranny

Of the black hole which once housed my heart, as I chastise myself for
ignoring the flashing lights illuminating the DANGER sign.

With every beat my pulse weakens, then silence…..flat lined, but I’m
still present.

Subconsciously aware there’s no more inertia left within this shell.

Yet I’m still present…….

Although my heart has stopped feeling, dancing to the beat of your

Present within this shell I’ll remain, in a paraplegic state, until my
mind…..the rogue prodigal element has been silenced.

Farewell… Was written By: Yekesha Lambert Frederick © Copyright Witish 2013, All Rights Reserved.

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