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Triple A Series Part. 5


Triple A Series Part. 5

As an artist… As an Artist you have to recognize the different levels of an Artist….
Now you have 3 basic levels and there simple..


Industry; meaning Fame but the bigger you are the more hands are on your work most times and being in that position comes with sacrifices….You have to watch every move you make because bigger you are harder you fall.. Higher you are longer the fall, Food for thought.. medias play toy.


Underground; meaning you have a name but you’re not Globally famous for your craft but being in this category you can set your self up to make serious cash because ain’t to many people tied to your craft at the moment and less media attention so you can make your money and live comfortable…
Underground artist in the music game are people like Rich Homie Quan or Ice Burg from Dunk Ryders Legendary UGK was the Under ground kings, Lil Boosie, so on and so forth.. so there’s money in being Underground depending on how you hustle your product.. Industry wise, you’re famous but making under a Dollar per sale.. As an underground artist you may get 80 to 100% of your profits.. you do the math.


local artist; this is the stage we all start at with our craft.. Entering free events for exposure.. selling your self for nothing sometimes having to pay to perform….And truthfully it ain’t all bad but it can and will be if you ground yourself to that level of artistry.. I try my best to never place local artist in the same sentence as my name.. You can’t get to10 reaching for 3.. Point is after a while of being in the field of your craft.. which you’ve invested time and money


That mean you created value for self and it only get acknowledge if you bring awareness by making it known you have value. Never settle and place a price on it and stick to it…Never say I’m a local artist if you want respect.. it’s only a level not nothing to claim.. Remember With art its yours you set the value.. if you performing for free.. lol why would I step to you with numbers.. If you sell a painting for 1 buck because you consider yourself a nobody or local then you will never reach your peek As an artist…



As An Artist… Triple A Series


Triple A Series was Brought to you By: PBVI Institute



I'm Marvel Saffold, I'm a Witblogger out of Riviera Beach, FL. I'm also a Rapper, many years ago I wasn't aware of the power of literature. Specially my literature, until I started exploiting writing in different format--from music to poetry. Having made that transition--I even surprised myself many of times. The real kicker is I tasted the power prior--in the 9th Grade. I will forever love Ms. Saunders, my English Teacher at William T. Dwyer; because it was then, in her Class that I started mastering writing literature. Years later I'm finally realizing how much of an influence Her Class had in my writing process even in music. I found myself using all that I've learned from Ms. Saunders. I love writing no matter what it is.

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