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Kesha Says Part. 7


Kesha Says Part. 7

Dear John Doe…

I am all that you say I am…..and more. It’s unfortunate it took so much time for you to notice……IT

But thanks for the apology….I gues-s-s-s! Clearly you’re still the master of flattery.

Where shall I begin and end?

Bygones have been bygones, you’ve been too cocky to notice IT

You see, a sculptor could never repulse her work of art,

So I watch you, from a distance hanging on that empty museum wall, admirer after admirer, but no substantial bidders.

Secretly I gloat at the thought, that for me; you wouldn’t have needed to auction yourself off…..because dollar signs has never propel my agenda.

But those same bygones have forced me to move one….

Roles switched, now I’m the muse to a sculptor, molding and perfecting me with every flick of his wrist,

Into an upgraded version of the damaged edition… corrupted.

So the next time we cross paths, I’ll still flash that smile that once melted your heart…….as you said, but now tears it instead.

Secretly, I hope you drown in the river of tears you caused me to shed……Pardon moi; I’m still a work in progress.



Kesha Says… Written By: Yekesha Lambert Frederick © Copyright Witish 2013, All Rights Reserved.

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