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My Life, My Joy, My Pain Page. 7


My Life, My Joy, My Pain Page. 7

“A Walk Down Memory Lane”

I have vivid memories of me as a child before we actually migrated to Riviera Beach Florida, where my Mother and I last resided. But I can remember small things like my Mother and I’s favorite game was “Match” a card game invented God knows when, but we actually had fun playing it, we stayed on 7th Street downtown and Lake view towers aka Washington heights where I first got in trouble with security for throwing rocks at the buildings lol thought I was going to jail but he was only a top flight security lol. During this period of time Life seemed pretty easy going, maybe because I was a young child, and I didn’t have to worry about much of anything back then, but from just remembering what I can here and there, life was a breeze.

I also remember that there used to be a Circus that came to town back then, I can vividly recall one night my Mother calling me to the living room and I’m 4 years old maybe, I remember a vision of the Circus Animals coming down the street.. It’s a vision that’s been stuck in my head for quite a long time, out of all of my younger day’s visions I seemed to grasp this one the clearest. The strangest things always amused me for as long as I can remember. I guess you can consider me weird since adolescence.

My memory of those time and days are all in snippets an I will defiantly get more into my childhood stories and memories but my life was so simple back then. There was only my Mother and I to worry about in life, so it wasn’t too hard to deal with I guess, and my mother was loved by so many people, as far as us being accepted by our neighbors, that was no problem at all if we got into a situation or two. But acceptance wasn’t really a big worry with my Mom, because she was always an independent woman, doing what ever that she had to do to realize what ever that she believed in. I miss her a lot i wish she was able to help me tell my story Im sure she remember a lot more then I do but she’s with me so her energy will bring me memories I’m sure.

To Be Continued next Monday…

My Life, My Joy, My Pain… The Autobiography

A: Marvelous Thought By: Marvel
“A walk Down Memory Lane” was A Marvelous Thought by: Marvel Saffold from his Autobiography “My Life, My Joy, My Pain” © Copyright Marlevous Thoughts 2014, All Rights Reserved.


I'm Marvel Saffold, I'm a Witblogger out of Riviera Beach, FL. I'm also a Rapper, many years ago I wasn't aware of the power of literature. Specially my literature, until I started exploiting writing in different format--from music to poetry. Having made that transition--I even surprised myself many of times. The real kicker is I tasted the power prior--in the 9th Grade. I will forever love Ms. Saunders, my English Teacher at William T. Dwyer; because it was then, in her Class that I started mastering writing literature. Years later I'm finally realizing how much of an influence Her Class had in my writing process even in music. I found myself using all that I've learned from Ms. Saunders. I love writing no matter what it is.

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