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Fatherhood Part. 3


Fatherhood Part. 3

“Being a Father Series”


Fatherhood begins the very second of conception with the opposite sex. The soil that you choose to sow that seed in and conceive with will eventually become the mother of your child, that woman can play a major roll in how you are as a father and how you perceive fatherhood for the rest of your life. So make sure that you study that particular woman thoroughly before sex, because once you make that move and sow that seed, it’s not right to say ohh man I can’t stand her, it’s cowardly to say I can’t do this and that with her or for her after she conceived your child. Don’t get me wrong, my child’s mother gave me that feeling plenty of times early on and most of it was my fault as a man, I had strong urges to detach myself from my child, just to avoid her young mother’s lack of knowledge (ignorance).


Every time that I got that urge, I resisted it for the sake of my child, I know that it’s not easy my Kings, but you can’t walk out your child’s life because of their mother. You wasn’t forced in that situation with that woman, you have a child to tend to, you chose their mother as is, you should’ve gotten her Wofax, by not checking her personal background and ancestry, you’re automatically taking full responsibility for whatever comes next, yeah bro, it’s your fault that you’re in that bad situation, not hers, she was always the way that she is now, she don’t know how to act and be any different, it was your job to think with the head on your shoulders, then see her for who she truly was prior to conception.


At this point, you just have to let her be ignorant if she so chooses, but as a new father don’t you dare be ignorant with Google around, educate your self on the Laws in the Books, go online and carefully read what your State’s Statutes are for custody as single fathers, what the laws are for child support, visitations and so forth, work hard, get yourself straight as a man and as a father to be a good model Citizen in the eyes of the Law and a prime example to your child, so that if anything happens like D.C.F coming into the picture, you can petition to get shared, if not the full rights and custody of your child which will tremendously effect the child support payments out of your check. But instead, if you so choose to focus on her and her stupidity, you will be off track and out of balance, if and when the inevitable happens in a bad relationship, you won’t be in a position to come through for your child with all the B.S included.


Therefore don’t pay her any mind on top of the child support when she’s on her ignorant trippy days, just kill that with kindness and stability, separating yourself from around her vicinity, “not your child included”, meditate, pray for her and wisdom from a distance, always make it known to her that your love and bond with your child is primary to you’ll relationship. Overall, eventually she will start seeing you as the consistent stand up father that you are and not just as her man or ex lover. Yes, she’ll still feel some type of way and trip, but she will bow down to that bond that you have with your child, the attachment that your son or daughter will have to you will be too strong for her to even do anything but get her mind right and get out of the way.


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Fatherhood… The Being a Father Series


A: Marvelous Thought Written By: Marvel


“Fatherhood” is A Marvelous Thought by: Marvel Saffold from his upcoming book “Being a Father” © Copyright Marlevous Thoughts 2014, All Rights Reserved.



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