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“For Those Who Call Themselves Real Niggas” Lecture

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“For Those Who Call Themselves Real Niggas” Lecture

“For Those Who Call Themselves Real Niggas” Lecture




The name that a people call themselves must provide them with an understanding of their history by connecting them to a land mass, a language, a culture, a religion, a philosophy and so on. There is no such place as NEGROLAND, COLOREDLAND, or BLACKLAND and there’s no ethnic group in Africa that calls itself Negro or its language negro. We are the descendants of our AFRICAN ancestors….PERIOD! Identification with one’s past HISTORY is an important step towards mental liberation.


The word Negro is Spanish for BLACK. The Spanish language comes from Latin, which has its origins in Classical Greek. The word Negro in Greek, is derived from the root word ‘necro’, meaning dead. The act of Ancestral worship known as necromancy or communication with the dead, was the practice of the Egyptians in order of honoring the lives of ancestors WHO CAME BEFORE. They believed by doing so could offer guidance and direction to the living. Temples (monuments) were designed as places where the ancestors could be honored, and holidays (Holy Days) were the days designated for worshipping. The Greeks thought of these sun-burnt people (Egyptians) to have a preoccupation with Death and didn’t understand the worship of the dead (Necromancy), and took their distorted beliefs back to Europe and the word Negro evolved out of this misunderstanding. What used to be known as a physical condition has been applied to an entire race of people.


European (White) people manufactured the word “Negro” during the slave trade. In addition, the term ‘Negro’ on the other hand is introduced to obscure the Africaness of the classical PHARAONIC CIVILIZATIONS. These Eurocentric determinations alienate and distort the historical achievements of African people. Numerous scholars have fallen into the intellectual trap when writing about African people by referring to them as Negroes or semi-negroes. This is a weak attempt at separating Africans of today (Africans worldwide), with AFRICANS of yesterday (Egyptian-Africans and other great African civilizations).


Historically, the Greeks came to Africa as students over 2,500 years ago to discover what Africans already knew. Writing, science, medicine, and religion were already a part of the Egyptian civilization. History had already been documented thousands of years before Herodotus (The so-called ‘Father of History’) was even born. Herodotus, Plato, Phythagorus, Socrates, and other Greek Philosophers…were all students of African priests (SONS OF LIGHT). When the Greeks returned to Europe, they planned the destruction and pillage of the remaining AFRICAN empires. Less than 300 years after the first Greeks came to Egypt as students, their descendants returned as conquerors. They (Greeks/Europeans) destroyed the cities, temples and libraries of the Egyptians and claimed African knowledge as their own.


To JUSTIFY the enslavement of Africans, in short, it was culturally necessary to believe, or be able to believe, that Africans were inherently and naturally less than human but were beings of a somehow sub-human, non-human, nature. This we see proven with the written words documented in the original text of the Constitution of the United States which originally stated that Africans were ‘three-fifths’ a man (by law). It became necessary to DEHUMANIZE Africans and DEVALUE their historical worth as a people in order to ensure their value as slaves.


When the word “nigger” was devised, the meaning it implied was of a debased, ignorant, or very low person. Then, African-Americans dropped the ‘ER’ and added an ‘A’ thus forming a new word “NIGGA”. This word has been accepted and approved because ‘the word now has a new meaning, we mean it a different way’ is the obnoxious excuse. This is the same word that was used against our ancestors who shed blood for…now being accepted and used (daily) by the same people it was used AGAINST! The term is meaningless in reality but has become a useful word for those who help perpetuate the negative stereotypes of Africans worldwide. WHY would we choose to use a word that degrades Africans everywhere and turn around and call someone who looks just like you, a NIGGA! We can’t possibly believe that we have the power to change the meaning of a word and expect other people to follow along with this mentality, this isn’t progress folks.


The enslavement of the African mind was born out of the educational system and for good reasons. It was forbidden for the Africans to learn to read or write! The education of the Negro, then, becomes a perfect device for CONTROL FROM WITHOUT. The evolution of the Negro from Colored, to Black, to African-American represents a progression of self-consciousness. Referring to each other with respect and dignity by calling each other “brother/sister” instead of “nigga/bitch”, you’re more likely to talk to your “brother/sister” in a dispute instead of killing a “nigga” in the same situation.


The Negro/Nigger/Nigga – a race of dead people with a dead history and no hope for resurrection as long as they remain ignorant of their past. This new breed of Black people, the “Nigga” has become the death of the mind, body, and spirit of AFRICAN PEOPLE.


I’ve read several conflicting stories regarding the origin of the word “Negro/Nigger”. It matters that we educate ourselves and get pass this destructive ideology when we hear this word or its use against us. We need to identify its purpose and once realized, not allow ourselves to sink to the perpetrators level by allowing this word to control our thoughts of ourselves! Look at the source of where this word is coming from before sinking to their level of thinking. As mentioned previously, a Nigger is a debased, ignorant, and rather low person. DO YOU FIT THIS DESCRIPTION?


Nigger as defined from computer software definition 2 is described as: extremely disparaging and offensive, a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.


Inferior from this same source definition 4 is explained as: less important, valuable, or worthy


Ignorant in American Heritage Dictionary, paperback version, copyright 2001, on page 423, definitions 1-3; is characterized as such: 1. Lacking education or knowledge 2. Demonstrating a lack of education or knowledge 3. Unaware or informed


From the information above when one makes the statement of “I’m a real nigga” you’re saying that you’re inferior, ignorant, demonstrating your lack of education and knowledge. In other words you’re calling yourself real dumb, stupid, unimportant, invaluable and unworthy. So my people before calling yourself a “REAL NIGGA” think of how you view yourself as a person before you use this type of terminology.


Follow in the footsteps of the ancestors, for the mind is trained through knowledge!!!!


Shalom Berakah!!!!!



***That concludes my Lecture on “For Those Who Call Themselves Real Niggas”***


Ok, the panel is Now Open if you wish to ask any Questions or need anything that I said further broken down. Again, you’re welcome to rebuttal or ask anything below in the comment box and I will gladly answer. Thanks!



“For Those Who Call Themselves Real Niggas” Lecture was written and composed by Yow’ab Ben Yahweh


“For Those Who Call Themselves Real Niggas” Lecture was Brought to you By: Frank Electronics


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