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Facebook is a MF


Facebook is a MF

“Facebook is a MF”

Have you ever thought about how effective Facebook really is..

Peep this..

People get so comfortable that they unintentionally spill their deepest secrets..

Then blame you for being in their business..

What business?

If you were committing a crime you made me a witness..

And then there’s the Twerkers..

all ass, no class, where’s the workers..

Where’s the true Believers..

Not the 6 day a week hypocrites and 1 day on Sunday churchers… lol

Post half naked pictures, but catch attitude with the lurkers..

and call them thirsters.. lmao.. really..?


Then you got the dudes..

no manners just rude..

Flagging with his homeboy’s cash and his cousin’s shoes..

And let Facebook tell it..

Everybody’s goons..

You can say anything behind a status, but never owned a tool..

Not even the belt with the wrench and tape measure either lol..


And relationships have no chance..

Facebook won’t let you advance..

Because she just seen a screen shot of a chick blasting her thirst craving man, damn..

And he keep seeing his girl like this other dude’s status about him posting a couple grand…


Now you can use it to expand..

Build a business if you can,

Post music, but most of your friends are haters not fans..




Between everybody vamping..

And these single twice a week tricks tramping…

I can’t deal Fr Fr (For real For real)..

I just slide through, but I’m not camping…

Because Facebook is a MF.

Catch me on Musiqplug!


A: Poetic Thought By: Marvel

“Facebook is a MF” Is A Poetic Thought by: Marvel Saffold © Copyright Marlevous Thoughts 2014, All Rights Reserved.

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I'm Marvel Saffold, I'm a Witblogger out of Riviera Beach, FL. I'm also a Rapper, many years ago I wasn't aware of the power of literature. Specially my literature, until I started exploiting writing in different format--from music to poetry. Having made that transition--I even surprised myself many of times. The real kicker is I tasted the power prior--in the 9th Grade. I will forever love Ms. Saunders, my English Teacher at William T. Dwyer; because it was then, in her Class that I started mastering writing literature. Years later I'm finally realizing how much of an influence Her Class had in my writing process even in music. I found myself using all that I've learned from Ms. Saunders. I love writing no matter what it is.

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